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Calibrachoa Superbells® Double Twilight

Harness tremendous impulse appeal with this robust, silvery lavender, fully double-flowered calibrachoa that makes a gorgeous Grande and mixes perfectly in elegant recipes.

  • Silvery lavender with a dark purple center
  • Screened for Thielaviopsis resistance
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande containers, hanging baskets, recipes and monocultures
  • 6-12” height; 12-24” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 2

We’ve searched long and hard for double-flowered Calibrachoa that live up to our rigorous standards and we are proud to expand this line with the introduction of Superbells® Double Twilight. If you like the colors of Superbells® Blue Moon Punch, you will love this silvery lavender selection that has a punch of dark purple deep in the middle of its frilly double blossoms. It’s the perfect color to mix with soft pinks and yellows for Mother’s Day recipes. For the summer and fall seasons, try it paired with deeper purples and rich golds. Since purple consistently ranks in the top two flower colors of consumers, you can’t go wrong with this beauty any time of year.  

Heliotropium AUGUSTA® Lavender

A reboot of a classic! This impressively vigorous, strongly upright, densely branched cultivar blooms prolifically, creating an invigorating splash of purple all season.

  • A large, vigorous, thriller/filler for recipes
  • Incredibly tolerant of heat and humidity
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande and 1.0 Royale containers, monocultures, recipes and landscapes
  • 12-24” height; 24-36” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 3

If you think you know heliotrope, it’s time to take another look. We’ve been incredibly impressed with this revolutionary new variety that gives a classic genus a total reboot thanks to more advanced breeding. Whereas older varieties had a weaker habit and were grown more for the cut flower market, the new Augusta® Lavender was bred and selected for its outstanding landscape performance. It displays excellent heat and humidity tolerance which
makes it great for the South, but it has shown equal promise in our northern trials. Think of this plant like a purple lantana. It’s large, vigorous and dense with a lattice-like branching structure to helps to maintain its upright form. Use Augusta Lavender as a prominent thriller or filler paired
with medium vigor plants in container recipes or mass it in the landscape for a fresh splash of lavender purple color all season.

Lobelia LAGUNA® Sky Blue Improved 

This upgrade to our top-selling lobelia features an improved summer performance, larger flowers, and true sky blue color that holds a month longer through the summer heat.

  • Essential component for recipes
  • Full, semi-upright habit
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande containers, baskets, window boxes and landscapes
  • 6-12” height; 12-24” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 2

We’ve upgraded our #1 selling lobelia this season with this new variety that boasts an improved summer performance, larger flowers, and true sky blue color that holds through both cool spring temperatures and the summer heat, as much as one month longer. Laguna® Sky Blue was awarded the Plants of Distinction honor from the UGA trials in Athens, Georgia. We are continually working to build heat tolerance into our Laguna® lobelia line so that growers and gardeners across the nation will be successful with this ever-popular container component.


Everything you love about Supertunia Vista® Paradise, now in electric magenta purple. Huge, upright mounded plants are blanketed in self-cleaning flowers all season.

  • Outstanding landscape performance
  • Excellent heat and humidity tolerance
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande and 1.0 Royale containers, baskets, combinations, monocultures and landscapes
  • 12-24” height; 24-36” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 4

    Earning the name Supertunia Vista isn’t easy. It takes years of development and trialing in-ground and in containers, and almost none make the cut. That makes the introduction of the new Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry an even more exciting color expansion to the series this year. Like Supertunia Vista® Paradise, it forms an upright mound that spreads to fill vast expanses in the landscape. Electric magenta purple flowers in a similar shade as Supertunia® Picasso in Purple® blanket this plant from spring through fall without deadheading. Pair it with other very vigorous plants in recipes and garden designs or let it headline the color show. Destined to become one of our top sellers!

An improvement to Superbena® Dark Blue featuring a much earlier bloom time, greater color coverage, and larger, deeper violet flowers that don’t fade.

  • Selected for unparalleled mildew resistance
  • Enduring garden performance
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande containers, baskets, window boxes, recipes, monocultures and landscapes
  • 6-12” height; 18-30” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 3

Improvements to the Superbena line continue to flow in, this year with an outstanding improvement to Superbena® Dark Blue. Matching the top-selling Superbena® Violet Ice in flower size and habit, the new Superbena® Imperial Blue is incredibly eye-catching with its large clusters of vivid violet blossoms. The color is deeper and more colorfast than its predecessor, and color coverage is maximized due to a tighter, more floriferous habit. We’ve also made terrific progress in making this new verbena far earlier to flower, falling into the day neutral response photoperiod. Like all Superbena, the new Superbena Imperial Blue continues to set the industry standard for powdery mildew resistance and no need for deadheading to guarantee all-season garden performance.


Amsonia 'String Theory'

  • Complementing variety to ‘Storm Cloud’
  • Threadleaf foliage vs. broad foliage of ‘Storm Cloud’
  • Not as chlorotic as A. hubrichtii
  • Shorter than A. hubrichtii
  • Height: 18-22”
  • Width: 32-36”
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Part Sun
  • Zones: 4-9

People have loved ‘Storm Cloud’ and we are now pleased to offer a complementing threadleaf Amsonia to the Proven Winners program. ‘String Theory’ can be described as a compact version of the industry standard Amsonia hubrichtii. The compact habit is covered with light periwinkle blue flowers in late spring, flowering later than ‘Storm Cloud’. While other Amsonia can often display chlorotic leaves, ‘String Theory’ displays healthy dark green leaves throughout the summer. We have observed the same brilliant golden orange fall color as you would expect from A. hubrichtii.

Hibiscus Summerific® 'Edge of Night'

  • Will be the most compact Hibiscus in the SUMMERIFIC® Collection
  • Jet black foliage
  • 7-8” bubblegum pink flowers with darker veining
  • Height: 3-3½’
  • Spread: 4-4½’
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Part Sun
  • Zones: 4-9

One of our most hotly anticipated additions to the SUMMERIFIC® lineup in recent years! At only 3-3.5 feet tall, this is our most compact Hibiscus to date. 7-8” bubblegum pink flowers have overlapping petals and darker pink veining for a dramatic 3D effect. Jet black foliage is the darkest we’ve seen on a Hibiscus and contrasts nicely with the green flower calyxes and red veining and petioles. Compared to ‘Evening Rose’, this has darker foliage, a more compact habit, and brighter pink flowers. Best color and performance will be in full sun.

Leucantyhemum Amazing Daisies® 'Banana Cream II'

  • An improvement over ‘Banana Cream’ with a tighter habit, better flower coverage, lower vernalization needs and an earlier bloom time
  • Flowers without a cold period; however performance improves with 4-6 weeks of vernalization
  • 3½” flowers
  • Height: 20-24”
  • Width: 20-22”
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Zones: 5-9

This improvement on the classic ‘Banana Cream’ takes all the characteristics that gardeners love and kicks it up a notch. Just like the original, flower buds are lemon yellow and eventually brighten to creamy white. Improvements include being more floriferous, holding the yellow color longer, a more appealing habit, and earlier to start flowering. Growers will love that the vernalization week requirements are much shorter—we recommend 4-6 weeks for best performance, although we have observed flowering without vernalization.

Sedum Rock 'N Grow® 'Back in Black'

  • Our best black through 10 years of evaluations
  • Adds a sought after foliage color to Proven Winners Perennial Sedum
  • Compared with ‘Maestro’, minimal problems with reversion in production
  • Upright habit holds its form through the entire season; resists opening up
  • Garnet red flowers
  • Height: 20-24”
  • Width: 26-30”
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Zones: 3-9

New to the ROCK ‘N GROW® collection comes an upright Sedum with near black leaves. Enjoy the dark leaf foliage throughout the summer, and when late summer rolls around, flowers with deep garnet red centers and cream petals will appear. Great for adding a dark color to the middle of the border!


With its convenient mid-size habit, Limelight Prime® hydrangea can be used in the border amongst perennials, as a standout flowering hedge, or as a small specimen.

  • Bright lime green flowers that shift to punch-pink in fall
  • Lush, mid-size habit, with very strong stems
  • 6’ height; 5’ spread
  • Full to part sun
  • USDA zones 3-8

Limelight Prime® hydrangea has all the charm of its predecessor ‘Limelight’, AND some amazing new features too! You’ll love its earlier bloom time, stunning fall color show, and useful smaller habit. In early summer, its familiar brilliant lime green blooms emerge and are held aloft by very strong stems (no worries about strong wind or pruning mishaps). By fall, the color will have totally changed into a deep punch-pink tone that helps keep the garden interesting. And the best part is that if you didn’t have room to showcase ‘Limelight’, you’ll likely be able to accommodate this smaller size.


Thanks to its reblooming nature, Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple azalea looks fabulous in a mixed border, as the thriller in a container display, or even as a low flowering hedge.

  • Vibrant, fluffy flowers show off big time in spring and again in mid-summer onwards
  • Dense, small habit
  • 3’ height; 3’ spread
  • Full to part sun
  • USDA zones 6-9

What’s better than a lush, vibrant azalea flower show in the springtime? Another show later in the summer! Perfecto Mundo Double Purple brings its plentiful, ruffled blooms to the garden for MONTHS, because it produces buds on both new and old wood. When it’s not in bloom, you’ll enjoy the healthy evergreen foliage that provides a great backdrop to perennials and shrubs alike.

Hibiscus Paraplu Pink Ink®

With a large, but graceful habit, Paraplu Pink Ink® works fabulously as a specimen, tall flowering hedge, or as the backdrop in a cottage-style garden.

  • Very showy bloom display from summer through fall
  • Impressively sized habit actually sways elegantly
  • 8’ height; 5’ spread
  • Full sun
  • USDA zones 5-9
Nothing says summertime quite like the plentiful showy blooms of a rose of Sharon! And Paraplu Pink Ink® has just the dazzling display you’re looking for! These single blooms are not only bigger than other varieties, but also have memorable star-like hot pink eyes that easily draw the admiration of visitors and passersby. This long blooming beauty displays its flowers on flexible stems that sway and dance in the breeze, which really heightens their appeal in the landscape



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