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‘Coffee Cups’ Colocasia esculenta  

Capitalize on the tropical trend by adding this distinctive Colocasia with dramatically cupped, olive green foliage and mocha accents.

  • Dynamic “thriller” for large combinations
  • Grow in 1.0 Royale containers, recipes, monocultures and landscapes
  • 36-60” height; 36-60” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 3

As tropicals continue to trend upward, there’s never been a better time to expand your offering of tropical container plants. Our Colocasias make dynamic thrillers in large container recipes, similar to how Heart to Heart Caladiums bring a tropical vibe to small and medium sized container combinations.

‘Coffee Cups’ is one of the most distinctive Caladiums you’ll find. You will recognize it by its dramatically cupped, deep olive green leaves which catch the day’s dew and rain. As the “cups” fill up, they tip towards the crown of the plant to give itself a drink. This plant loves moisture and welcomes it

MACHU Morado Ruellia simplex

We’ve improved upon the classic Mexican petunia by making it behave. Our selection is sterile, non-running, denser and more compact than standard Ruellia, with larger flowers, too.Essential late season and winter color for the South

  • Extremely heat, humidity and drought tolerant
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande and 1.0 Royale containers, monocultures and landscapes
  • 18-32” height; 10-18” spread
  • Full sun
  • Vigor 3

Mexican petunias are classic landscape plants in the South but have a reputation for spreading where they aren’t wanted. We’ve eliminated those worries with Machu Morado, a sterile, non-running selection. This is a denser, more compact plant that won’t flop or split, even in hot, humid climates where this plant grows as an evergreen perennial in zones 9-11. Ruellia initiates buds when nights are a minimum of 63-65°F and days are 85-90°F. Machu Morado’s bright periwinkle purple flowers, which are larger than standard Ruellia, will bloom all winter if nights remain warm.

BRIGHT LIGHTS® Red Osteospermum ecklonis

Selected for its nestled branching, fuller, uniform habit and season-long flowering, this brick red selection represents an advancement in heat tolerant Osteospermum breeding.

  • Color expansion for the series
  • Longer sales window than most due to heat tolerance
  • Grow in 4.25 Grande containers, recipes, monocultures, grab ‘n go pots
  • 8-12” height; 8-12” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Vigor 2

Osteospermum has undergone a revolution in the breeding world. Plants that were once grown solely as cool season crops for spring and fall now have a greatly expanded sales window due to their increased heat tolerance. Many parts of the country can now sell Bright Lights Osteospermum as an all-season performer, while they continue to be offered through the winter in the warmest climates. Bright Lights Red is a unique color addition to the series, bearing brick red blossoms on full, uniform plants with nestled branching that doesn’t open up. Growers will find these are some of the easiest Osteospermum to produce.


Miss Piggy’ Bergenia (Heartleaf Bergenia, Pigsqueak)

This robust, early spring flowering perennial is a solid win for growers nationwide. Bergenia expands the palette for shade, offering both floral and foliage interest.

  • New genus for Proven Winners Perennials
  • Eye-catching, bright pink spring flowers
  • Robust grower with a fuller canopy of broad, thick leaves compared to other Bergenia
  • 16-18” height; 28-32” spread
  • Sun or shade (This is Proven Winners’ way of saying Full sun to Full shade)
  • Zones 4-9

The selection of Proven Winners Perennials for shade is expanding with the addition of a new Bergenia. Growers will love its enhanced vigor and full, robust habit that fills a pot fully due to the broader, dark green foliage. An early spring bloom time guarantees spring color at retail and is a welcome sight for gardeners after a long winter. Improvements over standard Bergenia cultivars on the market include a more consistent, bright pink flower color and a fuller canopy of foliage. Bronze-burgundy fall color extends this evergreen perennial’s interest late into the season. This squeaky leafed perennial nicknamed “pigsqueak” is a must-have for children’s gardens.

COLOR CODED ‘The Price is White’ Echinacea (Coneflower)

Selected for its excellent basal branching, long-lasting flower performance and large, full flowers. Produced from tissue culture to ensure uniformity in color and habit.

  • 5”, fragrant, elegant white flowers contrast well with dark green foliage
  • Blooms midsummer through late summer
  • Deer resistant; attracts pollinators
  • 20-22” height; 16-18” spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Zones 4-8

Colorful coneflowers are a staple perennial for the summer garden, flowering from midsummer all the way to fall. They are a must-have impulse item at retail, and our Color Coded varieties are a breeze for growers, too. Produced from tissue culture to ensure uniformity in color and habit, these coneflowers are profit builders. They have been selected for their excellent basal branching, long-lasting flowering performance and large, full flowers with overlapping, horizontally held petals. ‘The Price is White’ bears the largest flowers of the series—5” round, fragrant, elegant white blossoms that contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage. In addition to their pure beauty, consumers will enjoy that they make a long-lasting cut flower and tend to draw pollinators and goldfinches into the garden.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Spinderella’ Hibiscus (Rose Mallow)

An impeccable habit, heavy flowering and dynamic pink and white pinwheel patterned flowers set this exceptional new Hibiscus apart. Easy for growers with incredible impulse appeal.

  • Long blooming and very prolific from midsummer into early fall
  • Pristine floral quality
  • Dense, tidy, shrub-like habit
  • 4-4½’ height; 4½-5’ spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Zones 4-9

Some perennials never seem to have a bad day in the garden, and Summerific® ‘Spinderella’ surely fits that bill. It forms a dense, tidy, shrub-like clump of dark green foliage peppered with large 8”, pinwheel patterned flowers. The white blossoms are heavily accented with pink shading, a puckered texture and dark red eye. Buds are produced prolifically up the stems, delivering superb flower coverage from the top to the bottom of the plant. Expect continuous bloom from midsummer into early fall.


Illuminati Arch® Mockorange Philadelphus coronarius

Can be grown as a small specimen, flowering hedge, or in and amongst perennials and other plants in your landscape. 

  • Very fragrant white flowers in late spring/early summer have a sweet fragrance that carries on the warm breezes
  • Dense, tidy, shrub-like habit
  • 4’ height; 4’ spread
  • Part sun to sun
  • Zones 4-7

Old-fashioned charm, modern day performance!

Mock orange has long been beloved for its romantic white flowers, full of a sweet, orange blossom fragrance. But mock oranges were a bit ratty and messy, not really garden-worthy plants. Illuminati Arch® mock orange changes that! Enjoy the elegant, arching habit, sweetly fragrant flowers, and handsome, clean foliage that looks great all season. Imagine a fragrant hedge, or a striking specimen - or plant in your perennial garden and bring back those memories of Grandma's garden!

Austin Pretty Limits Oleander Nerium oleander

Thanks to its improved coverage, Austin Pretty Limits oleander makes a fine flowering hedge or container plant.

  • Blooms non-stop, even in very hot areas
  • Improved habit gives it a full, lush look that ensures coverage
  • 6’ height; 4’ spread
  • Sun
  • Zones 8-11
Enjoy bright pink flowers every day of the year with Austin Pretty Limits oleander. This non-stop bloomer was selected in Austin, Texas, for its dense, rounded habit and exceptional disease resistance. The bright pink flowers make it the ideal choice for hedges, specimens, containers, and more. While this plant can only be grown outdoors in warm climates, cool climate growers can enjoy its constant blooms in a patio container during the summer. Note: like all oleanders, this plant is toxic if ingested. 

Center Stage Red Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica

Plant in landscapes and gardens for color from spring through fall. Dwarf habit allows them to be used as a low hedge or specimen, or mixed with colorful perennials. 

  • Colorful foliage and flowers keeps it interesting from spring through fall.
  • 6-12’ height; 4’ spread
  • Sun
  • Zones 7-9
Do you live for the drama? Looking for a plant that commands the spotlight but is still easy to grow? Center Stage Red crapemyrtle is just the plant to fill the role! With its deep black foliage and glowing red flowers, it truly will command center stage in your landscape. We spent many years developing and evaluating dark-leaf crapemyrtles like this to ensure that our selection would be vigorous and resist the diseases that often plague the species, so you'll enjoy clean, glossy foliage all season long. It naturally grows with a narrow, space-saving habit that eliminates the need to prune and opens up a range of landscaping possibilities.



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