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2020 Certification Training Program

Current 2020 Season Participation in Connect+ and Certification Programs


PW Certified LogoThe 2020 Certification Training Program

At Proven Winners®, plants aren't the only thing we're committed to growing. We’re also dedicated to growing your business by increasing your knowledge of Proven Winners plants, products and consumer trends. We understand the crucial role garden centers and their employees play in providing information and advice to people who love to garden. That’s why we’ve developed the Proven Winners Certified Training Program for garden centers - an ongoing partnership that offers the opportunity to learn more about our plants while building your employees' confidence to sell Proven Winners. Why certify? 


Certification ends June 1st.

8 Simple Steps - Get Started Today! 

  1. Subscribe to CONNECT+  The 2020 Certification Training Program is part of the new Proven Winners CONNECT+ program. But CONNECT+ has more to offer than just certification. There are four levels of marketing/advertising services aimed to make your life easier.  Check out the chart and subscribe to the level that works best for your business.

  2. Manager set-up - Add your store location(s), list the number of employees that will complete the training, and choose your rewards. Download the Managers Step By Step Instructions - PDF.

  3. Train - Watch the 45 minute training video.

  4. Test and choose reward - Take the online certification test or download the employee test forms.

  5. Comment - Give us some feedback or take our survey and receive
    a chance to win a $150 gift card for or a $50 gift card. Once you complete the test you will have
    access to the survey.

  6. Print - Print your certificate of completion for employees and garden center and these handy take away sheets -PDF.

  7. Celebrate - Enjoy your FREE pizza party!  It's easy--just submit your pizza receipt HERE and the pizza is on us.

  8. Post - Take a picture of your staff wearing their new Proven Winners t-shirts and post it on social media. Tag us at #PWPros to let everyone know your garden center is ready to make recommendations and answer questions about Proven Winners at your store.

Make sure your garden center
completes certification
by June 1st to receive all the benefits.

Method 1 - Individual training

Individuals can watch the online video at home or at work and then take the online test and survey. All you need is a test key from your store manager.

1. Manager Logs In, Sets Up Location, Assigns Keys

2. Start Training

Method 2 - Group training

A group of employees can watch the online video together, then take the test and send them to Proven Winners via fax, email or mail. This method is great for large groups, stores with multiple locations or those with limited internet access. If you need a flash drive with the video and forms contact us at 1-815-895-1872.

Download Group Training Package Now - PDF

Method 3 - Offline training

An employees can read through the script and see the graphics from the video, then take the test and send it to Proven Winners mail. This method is great for companies without easy internet access.

Download Full video script with screen grabs - PDF

Download Group Training Package Now - PDF

Offline training for Proven Winners Members, Brokers Reps, Students, Growers, Media and other Interested Parties

Individuals can watch the online video at home or at work and then take the test and fax in the answer sheet.

Download Test and Answer sheet - PDF

Offline training - includes script with screen grab - PDF

Start Training

Help me find my employees Certified test keys:

  1. Logs In
  2. Go to My Content then My Account
  3. Click the Location Name (Zo's Garden Center)
  4. Click Manage Certification Process and you'll find the keys

Help me submit my Pizza voucher:

  1. Log In
  2. Go to My Content then My Account
  3. Click the Location Name (Zo's Garden Center)
  4. Click the gray Certification status box
  5. Click Get Tools and Resources and then click Submit pizza rebate form


Have more questions about our certification program? Check our FAQs page or call us at 1-815-895-1872 and we will be happy to help!

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